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  • Brexit means Brexit...but what does Brexit really mean?

    16 Apr 2019

    Brexit means Brexit...but what does Brexit really mean? Firstly, it is no secret that there will be change once the country leaves the EU, there will be change in trade, change in economy, change in produce, change in what comes into our country and what goes out, change in legislation and change in government. A lot of CHANGE. We know that change is essential when considering growth, however it can also be intimidating when we are unsure of whether this change is going to help or hurt us.

  • CPI Give back

    05 Apr 2019

    An article designed to inspire small companies that are seeking ways to get involved in charity work or are looking for fundraising opportunities!

  • Saving, Pensions, Retirement…MONEY!

    21 Jan 2019

    As a Business Manager for the Temps Division of a recruitment agency, it has come to my attention that some people have no real understanding of what they need to save to have a successful and stress-free retirement! With the first of our candidates auto-enrolling in our pension scheme in April, I felt this was the best time to gather some facts and figures and share the true cost of not saving, and the benefits of when you do!