Qualities of a GREAT sales person:

Qualities of a GREAT sales person:

Every sales person will sooner or later find themselves asking the question: ‘how can I improve?’. It is no secret that the sales environment is extremely competitive and can at times feel overwhelming for those striving to succeed. My intention of writing this blog is to go on a journey with you (the reader), as together we strive to better understand what paves the path to success within the sales world.

Some feel that good sales skills are things that some people are just born with. However, I am here to politely and ENTIRELY disagree. The skills I will be discussing today are not skills that are necessarily innate, but skills that take time and practice to develop. Of course…these skills are inevitably going to come more naturally to some, however, that doesn’t mean they are off limits to those that have to work harder at developing them.

So what are these skills? I know you are all sitting on the very edge of your seat in anticipation to find out! No fear. The wait is over…let us begin.

1) Persistence

Pretty straight forward right? Persistence. It seems to be one of those skills that has contributed to success since…well…since the beginning of the human race! (Can’t argue with that kind of historical background). It is surely not a surprise that those who refuse to give up on a goal or dream, and work hard to make it happen are far more likely to see success in return. It is common sense.

2) Dedication

A similar principle to persistence is dedication. Similar, but not the same. You need to be completely sold by your goal, and you need to be entirely invested in its positive outcome. The more dedicated you are to something, the more time, effort and energy you are going to put into making it a success. So really think about how much it means to you that this particular ambition of yours will succeed. How dedicated are you  to your cause, REALLY?

3) Personable

In sales you are working with people, it should come as no surprise that to succeed you will need to have certain people skills. This is one of those skills that some people will naturally find easier than others. If you are one of the lucky that personability comes naturally to, feel free to skip this next part! For those of you that don’t find people skills so effortless, don’t worry - It’s not a closed door, it’s just an opportunity to learn how to build your own door. It is a skill that may take time and work and may push your boundaries further than may be comfortable! But it is absolutely worth it. Also, don’t be afraid of letting your personality show through! Being personable doesn’t mean you have to have a certain kind of personality, everyone has different skills and attributes to bring to the table, don’t be afraid of being yourself.

4) Friendly

Be nice! Ask people questions, get to know people on a more personal level! Remember that everyone you talk to has different interests and hobbies. If you talk to people with that genuine care and interest factor, you will find that people are far more relaxed with you, and far more willing to open up. Friendliness and kindness are far too easy to overlook, but they allow a sales person the ability to build up a strong foundation of trust with those that they are working with.

5) Knowledgeable

Of course, know your stuff. Know inside out and back to front what it is that you are selling. Speak with confidence and always seek to be up to date, know the latest information and updates regarding your product or service. Don’t be deceived into believing that once you are trained you have finished learning, you are only at the beginning of an exciting journey. Always seek to learn more.

6) Non-invasive

Also ensure that you are respectful of the privacy of those you are contacting. Do not be invasive! Be understanding and aware of people being busy or otherwise engaged. There is nothing worse than an invasive sales person chasing you down the street trying to persuade you to buy a hoover that you really don’t need. (No…that has never happened to me but you get the general idea.)

These six qualities are fairly basic and straight forward…I apologise if for any reason you find yourself disappointed at how simple they are. I don’t have a magic wand to wave that automates success, (I wish.) But I do promise that as you apply these qualities in your life, your skills and abilities as a sales person will improve! That is relevant for those just starting out in the sales field, or for those that have been in the field for decades! We always have room for improvement.

Leah Moy

Marketing Executive at CPI Selection

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