Four Reasons We Should Have Potted Plants in The Office…

Four Reasons We Should Have Potted Plants in The Office…

Statistics are a funny thing…on the one hand they are just numbers that can easily be ignored or forgotten. On the other hand, they can represent huge proportions of critical information. For example, did you know, that on average, a working man or woman will spend 35% of their total waking hours (over a 50-year working life) at work? That’s 92,120 hours. A massive chunk of time! Because this is such a big portion of our life, we should surely make the time we spend at work as pleasant as possible.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, the advice is usually to step away from whatever you are doing and take a break. Go outside and breathe! Being outside in nature has a calming effect and can be massively beneficial. So why do we not more often take nature inside with us? Why not create a more peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment by having a few pot plants indoors. We at CPI Selection have recently invested in a few, low maintenance pot plants dotted around our office…and they make all the difference! Let me offer four simple reasons in favour of having plants in the office:


1)      Pot Plants boost morale:

Keeping up morale in the office is essential in generating a successful working environment. As simple as it may be, having that little piece of nature can be a significant contributor to an employee feeling upbeat and positive throughout the day.

2)      Leafy indoor plants cleanse the toxins out of the air:

In the society we live in, air pollution is a massive problem. Within the confinements of an office is it any wonder that coughs and colds get spread around as often and as quickly as they do? Pot plants can cleanse the air! Choose the right kind of plants though, because some are more effective than others.

3)      Indoor plants provide a cheerful working environment

It’s amazing what a little splash of colour can do for your working environment! Your employees are your army! Look after them, and make your office space a place where people feel comfortable and enjoy being in.

4)      Indoor greenery is beneficial for memory/learning, and enthusiasm

We are always looking for ways to improve our work ethic and be the very best that we can be…right? Well, it has been proven that plants benefit our memory/learning and enthusiasm! Really…are there any downsides?!


Plants really are an economical and relatively easy way to brighten up any office space! Why not give it a try?


Note for reader: Please make sure you water your plants, or they may die…

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