2019...A year of winners

2019...A year of winners

2019…A year of winners

Now, I know this article may seem very cliché…and perhaps it is! ‘New year, new me’, ‘re-discover yourself this 2019’, ‘making and keeping goals this new year’…I’m sure you’ve heard them all, and I’m sure they are coming at you from every direction. I’m not going to try to make any claim that this article ‘isn’t like the rest of them’, all I can say…is give it a read, you may be pleasantly surprised, and you may come out of it feeling motivated to crush 2019. Alternatively, you may not. But then joke’s on me, not you…so what have you got to lose?!

This article is tailored towards improving your life at work, the average worker spends 40+ hours working per week, so we may as well make it as enjoyable as possible! Do everything we can to not roll over and hit snooze on the alarm every morning. I have laid out 7 fantastic goals that we can set together in order to make our working life all the more enjoyable! Ready? Let’s go.

1) Where possible, get that minimum 8 hours sleep. Hardly rocket science to acknowledge that if you are getting enough sleep, getting up in the morning won’t be such a challenge, you will be setting yourself up to succeed throughout the day.

2) Be consciously healthier at work. It’s the simple things…really! We spend on average, eight/nine hours per day, five days a week at work. That’s quite a significant amount of time! It is thus essential that the time we do spend at work isn’t spent sat with the same bad posture, snacking on unhealthy foods. Pack a healthier lunch, take the stairs instead of the lift, get up and stretch every hour. These simple acts may not sound life changing, but they certainly will have a very positive influence on your attitude at work.  

3) Read one career related / motivational book. Expand your knowledge and skill set through reading! Remaining stagnant using the same old processes never worked for anyone. No…if you really wish to be successful (and I’m assuming you do since you are reading this article.) then it is all about progression, innovation and moving forwards! Pick a good book today and plan when you are going to read it.

4) Review and improve your LinkedIn page. Again, with the progression and moving forwards, make sure you are keeping your LI page relevant. Is your profile picture up-to-date? Have you got any new skills you could upload? How about asking for recommendations? Keep it fresh and keep it relevant.

5) Any filing cabinets hanging about that you aren’t entirely sure what lurks inside? What about your digital files? Maybe it’s time to have a good look through them, deciding what needs to stay, and what can be disposed of. Time to clear up that space, making it easier to navigate and find what it is you are looking for! Imagine how much time it will save knowing exactly where that file is located! Time that could be spent reading your new career related book.

6) Attend a networking event. Networking events! I’m a big fan of them…An opportunity to get in front of potential clients and pitch yourself in person, a really fantastic business opportunity, and a fantastic opportunity for branding and getting the name of your company out there. Make this a goal! You won’t regret it.

7) How is your work/life balance? Now…this is always a fun question to ask, am I right? It can be very difficult getting this balance right but try this thing where you leave work at work and vice-versa for your home life. Set those boundaries and do your best to stick to them. Work your butt off when you are in the office but dedicate that time you are at home to building relationships with your friends and family, and allow yourself some down time. You will see improvement in all aspects of your life!

So, there we have it! Seven entirely achievable goals for 2019. Set out a plan, and just take it one day at a time. Let’s make 2019 fantastic!

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