CPI Selection Blog

  • Your Employer Brand

    30 Apr 2019

    “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer is. It’s what consumers tell each other it is.”

  • How to build your professional network online

    16 Apr 2019

    Having a strong online network is a great tool for any professional.

  • The dos and don’ts of giving constructive feedback

    16 Apr 2019

    Human beings tend to avoid criticism. We don’t like being challenged, even in a constructive manner, and often perceive it as being personal. Our desire to avoid criticism can even lead us to blaming external forces such as bad luck, ‘acts of God’, circumstances beyond our control, and even other people. We seem to do this instead of accepting that we have perhaps made a mistake, or that there may be an alternative, potentially better way of tackling a project.

  • Qualities of a GREAT sales person:

    16 Apr 2019

    Every sales person will sooner or later find themselves asking the question: ‘how can I improve?’. It is no secret that the sales environment is extremely competitive and can at times feel overwhelming for those striving to succeed. My intention of writing this blog is to go on a journey with you (the reader), as together we strive to better understand what paves the path to success within the sales world.

  • Four Reasons We Should Have Potted Plants in The Office…

    16 Apr 2019

    A working man or woman will spend 35% of their total waking hours (over a 50-year working life) at work? That’s 92,120 hours. A massive chunk of time! Because this is such a big portion of our life, we should surely make the time we spend at work as pleasant as possible.

  • Why is scheduling so important?

    16 Apr 2019

    Have you ever asked yourself, what does it take to be successful? What more do I need to do in order to experience my ‘lucky break’

  • Skills that take a while to master, but that you will use throughout your life.

    16 Apr 2019

    “Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet.”

  • Success is like an Iceberg

    16 Apr 2019

    Now you may be thinking ‘what a strange comparison...’ Let me explain!

  • 2019...A year of winners

    16 Apr 2019

    Now, I know this article may seem very cliché…and perhaps it is! ‘New year, new me’, ‘re-discover yourself this 2019’, ‘making and keeping goals this new year’…I’m sure you’ve heard them all, and I’m sure they are coming at you from every direction. I’m not going to try to make any claim that this article ‘isn’t like the rest of them’, all I can say…is give it a read, you may be pleasantly surprised, and you may come out of it feeling motivated to crush 2019.

  • want to change the world?

    16 Apr 2019

    I remember being sat in the sixth form common room at school discussing with friends what we wanted to do in the future after we had finished school, graduated Uni and started our ‘real lives.’ We all had different plans and different goals…different roads that we wanted to go down - however there was one thing that we all unanimously agreed on…we all wanted to ‘change the world’ and do our part for humanity.