Overcoming the Odds

Overcoming the Odds

How did England beat New Zealand in the Semi Final of the World Cup in Japan on Saturday? As a fan I watched the game with great pride and admiration of what the team achieved. New Zealand were the favourites and before this weekend, had not lost a World Cup game in over 12 years! (which in itself is an incredible feat.)

After the dust had settled I thought about all the elements that make a successful team, and what we could achieve with the same belief, focus, commitment, hard work, and of course a little sprinkling of luck. As well as a strong team, the All Blacks also have a fantastic support network and management structure behind the scenes, which is another major contributor to their 12 years of success.

So what do you think, are the All Blacks now an unsuccessful team because they lost? In my opinion no. They may have lost a game, but as previous world champions they will know that a true winner is defined by how they bounce back from a loss. Because of their infrastructure (and of course their brilliant players), they will take this as a learning opportunity and they will undoubtedly come back stronger.

So what can we learn about teamwork from the sporting world? Imagine a work environment where we achieve the unimaginable and the impossible all the time? With a united and hardworking team, a strong management organisation and great work ethos we too can make the impossible possible.

So ask yourself this, what changes can we make today to build our winning team?

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Written by Tony Wight - Recruitment Consultant

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