CPI Local

Commercial and Industrial - Temporary and Permanent opportunities.

CPI Local is an established division within CPI Selection, working with businesses in the local area. We are committed to finding the right solution for your business needs, recruiting for roles across the commercial and industrial industry. Get in touch with one of our team to either land your next role, or to find that superstar to join your team!

The advantages of employing people that live close to work:

  • Better punctuality – Employing individuals that live closer to your workplace greatly reduces risks of lateness from your employees.
  • Gives your employees a better chance for a balanced lifestyle – By employing people that live closer to the workplace, your employees will have time for proper meals and time to exercise. Their healthier lifestyle will subsequently benefit efficiency in the workplace.
  • Less stress means improved efficiency – Less travel after a hectic day at work means more quality time with family and friends, which will help lower stress and will thus improve your employees work ethic.

The advantages of working closer to home:

  • Saving time – You will have much more time for your private life, saving time on travel, and spending time on you!
  • Social life – Not only will your private life benefit, but your saved time can be spent socialising with family and friends.
  • Environmentally/economically friendly – You will of course be using your car less often, contributing to a better environment, and saving money on fuel.
  • Ability to work more effectively – Having more time to sleep in the morning, and spending less time in rush hour traffic will only add to your productivity and job satisfaction. It’s a win/win!