Win your Morning, Win your Life

Win your Morning, Win your Life

Have you ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

I don't personally agree with that statement, however, I do believe that our morning routine is inextricably linked to our success. These routines are to be treated with the utmost respect.

The Secret of your Future is hidden in your Daily Routine - Mike Murdock

So if you would, take a couple of moments with me right now to reflect on your current morning routine. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What time do I wake up? (Perhaps a follow-up question is what time do I go to bed? They are, after all, usually interchangeable).
  • What is the first thing I do when I wake up? Do I a) hit snooze on my alarm, b) lie in bed for a while until I can muster the strength to get out of bed? c) Get straight out of bed and onto the first task of the day...
  • What do I drink? Do I go straight for the caffeine? The water? The lemon water? The green smoothie? Or no hydration?
  • What is my first task of the day? Do I eat a hurried breakfast of cereal and sit in frustrated traffic? Do I meditate, Journal, Read, or Pray? Do I head straight for the gym?
  • Do I actually have a routine that I strive to follow? Or am I reactive taking on tasks as they are thrown my way?

Five great questions to begin asking yourself. As you were reflecting on the bullet points above, who of you had an ideal in your mind of what you would LIKE your responses to be?


Your past does not equal your future." - Tony Robbins

Whether you are almost there, or you have not yet started on the path to OWNING your mornings, this article is for you. I hope and pray that something in these words inspires you to begin your personal journey to success.

I have for you 6 action points that will help you nail down your morning routine, take note:

1) Don't hit snooze - wake up early! Try joining the 5 am club. Commit yourself to doing HARD THINGS by choice. If you go to bed late the night before, don't stray from your commitment to wake up early, be committed.

2) Reflect on your goals for the first 3-5 minutes of each day.

3) Meditate for 10-15 minutes, reflect on your goals and read your affirmations you have set for yourself. For your affirmations, write out the person you want to be, the things you want to achieve, and read them to yourself every single day. For example, "I am brave, I am fearless, I am strong." Or "I now command the subconscious mind to..."

4) Get outside - go to the gym whatever it is CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT and MOVE YOUR BODY

5) Fuel your body from the correct sources. You don't need to eat first thing in the morning, I personally have taken to intermittent fasting, giving my body time to digest and cleanse itself. I begin the day with Lemon water and celery juice! (Look into it the health benefits are magnificent).

6) Read. Read. Read. You should always have a book you are reading that is helping you become the man or woman you are striving towards. Also, try taking up journaling. It really helps me stay on top of my feelings and emotions and stay present in every moment of my life.

7) Begin your day - whatever that entails.

Now, this is what I have found works for me and winning MY mornings. Your ideal morning routine likely looks different from mine, however, the purpose of my writing this article is to set a challenge (or reminder) to commit yourself to make your morning a sanctuary of learning and growth. I truly believe that if you are able to win your mornings you are well on your way to winning your life.

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