Becoming part of the 1%

Becoming part of the 1%

I have been studying the art of goal setting a LOT recently and let me tell you it is AMAZING the kind of things you can achieve when you focus on how to set goals, and how to turn them into a reality.

In this article, I want to share a few key points to adhere to when setting goals. Pay attention, copy down anything you find useful -

You never know, it may just change your life 🤷

Tip number 1:

Studies have shown that only 3% of the population actually set goals (and no, I don't just mean a couple of sentences on December 31st). What is more, only 1% even write their goals down. Isn't that crazy? Other studies have shown that individuals who write their goals down will achieve 10 times as much on average as those who don't! Something so simple can have such a H U G E impact.

So what on EARTH is stopping 99% of people?

If you aren't already writing down your goals, this is the sign you have been waiting for. This alone will MASSIVELY increase your productivity and performance levels.

Write your goals down somewhere you will see them. Look at them and reflect on them regularly.

That's the first invitation I have for each of you, go - right now - and write down the 5 main focuses in your life. As an example mine are:

  • Faith
  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Finances

Once you have written out your five main focuses, start getting more specific. Write out goals for each section, and consider how you can improve each of these areas of your life.

Make them:

  • S pecific
  • M easurable
  • A ttainable
  • R ealistic
  • T imed

Let's achieve those dreams by becoming part of the 1% team!

Tip number 2:

My second nugget of advice for setting goals is putting them somewhere you are going to see them.

I mean this seems really simple, right? But honestly, of that 1% of individuals that even write down their goals, I wonder how many really sit and reflect on them every single day? Make that a more accomplishable task by placing your intentions intentionally. Put them somewhere accessible! After all, there isn't an awful lot of point in setting a goal if you are never going to look at it again.

So whether you put it up on your bathroom mirror, or in a daily planner - it's totally up to you - just make sure you are looking at it at least ONCE every day.

Experts in the field suggest that we should be looking at those goals first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep. It is recommended that you reflect on them within the first 5 minutes of waking up every day.

Ask yourself realistically, where will you see them?

Tip number 3:

Jim Rohn said - Find a big enough WHY and you'll figure out how to do anything."

Probably the most important step in achieving your goals is remembering your WHY. Is your why big enough? If not, you need to have a long hard think about what your real motivator is...

For example, is it to create a life of abundance for your children? Is it to put food on the table? A roof over their head? What is your INSPIRATION for achieving success?

If someone asked you could you realistically make £100,000,000 in one year, how would you react? If you're anything like 99% of the population you might scoff a little...right? But what if they demanded you make £100,000,000 or your whole family would be killed?! You would do anything and everything in your power to MAKE IT HAPPEN. What changed? Not your ability, not your skill set, not the market, but your WHY. Your Why became a hell of a lot BIGGER. That's the difference.

Once you know your why, you need to remind yourself of it every day. Print out pictures and remind yourself daily what, or whom you are doing it for. If you don't remember your WHY you aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Tip number 4:

Create a Vision Board -

This is the physical display of your WHYs and your goals.

For date night a couple of months ago, my husband and I went and printed out LOADS of photos that represented our goals and our why - we then went a bought a couple of smaller sized boards with one BIG pinboard. We had a great time creating our personalised vision boards with our focuses and our why for the next 5 years of our lives, we then made a big joint vision board of the goals we have set together.

Not only was it GREAT fun it was an amazing experience, to really visualise and see our goals in REAL life.

Now, each morning we sit and look at our vision boards, reflecting on our why, and on the goals we have set for our life.

Writing down goals is important, putting htem somewhere you can see them is important. But the brain responds a lot better to pictures than it does to words. It is far easier to visualise your goals if you can actually, well, VISUALISE them.

Tip numer 5:

How do I set out my goals?

Yes you should absolutely take a good deal of time every year to set out your plan for your year, your 5 year plan, 10 year plan!

But also every quarter plan your next quarter, every month, every week and every day. Your daily habits and actions should be leading you to the BIG goals you have set in life. For example, If you have a goal of writing a book this year, how are your daily goals feeding into that? Perhaps you have a daily goal of writing 2 hours a day. Find what works for you!

Go and make those dreams goals, and then make your goals your REALITY!

Dream Big because there are endless possibilities for potential.

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