How to write a GREAT follow up email

How to write a GREAT follow up email

Have you sent your CV and cover letter to an employer, and still haven't heard back? Don't be afraid of sending a follow-up email! If after an interview you haven't heard back, then also consider that follow-up email.

Employers unfortunately are not always on the ball with keeping applicants informed on the status of their application! You may feel the need to follow up with the employer, whilst there is no certainty you will get a reply, it can pay off. Whether an email, a phone call or a message on LinkedIn, taking the time to request an update on your application process can remind employers of your vivacity and desire for the role.

Here are a couple of tips on how to write a follow-up email:


  • Make sure your subject line is CLEAR

Include your name and the name of the job you are applying for.


  • Keep it brief

Keep it simple enough to allow the employer to skim through the email.


  • Focus on the reason you would be an asset to the company

If you have any new information, share that!


  • Ask any questions

Anything else you would like to know about the role or the company ask in this follow up email.


  • Send it after around 2 weeks

Give them time to get back to you but don't leave it TOO long.


  • Review and edit

Check for grammar and spelling mistakes!


  • Leave a reminder of your contact details

Telephone number & email etc.

Don't be afraid of constructing such a follow-up letter, you will never know unless you ask.

If you would like any additional help on how to construct such an email, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our recruiters!


Written by Leah Moy - Marketing Manager

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