Are you Writing Job Descriptions Correctly?

Are you Writing Job Descriptions Correctly?

If you are hiring but have not mastered the art of writing job descriptions, you are missing out on a TON of highly qualified individuals. Your job description is an essential part of the hiring process, do NOT underestimate it.


It is no secret that we are in a heavily candidate-centered job market. There are currently 25 million + jobs listed on LinkedIn. It is competitive, to say the least. Now I don't want to be dramatic, but basically writing good job descriptions has become a life or death situation! (Yes it really is THAT important).


With it being such a competitive market your job description needs to include all the necessary information, whilst standing out against the crowd.


Read on and we will share how you can create such expert and high converting job ads.


1) First thing first, you need to find that balance between sharing enough detail about the job, whilst also being concise and not overloading the ad with information.


2) Make sure the ad reads well, there should be no typos, grammar should be flawless and your #KEYWORDS need to be SEO friendly and compatible.


3) How is the layout? Steer CLEAR of big clumps of text. Use bullet points and spacing wisely.


4) Your Job title needs to be CLEAR. I'll tell you now, that very few people will take the time to invest in your ad before knowing if it is relevant to them. Grab their attention IMMEDIATELY with a clear and, again, SEO friendly Job title


5) Ok, so now you have their attention. Job title is perfect, text and layout is on point. What should you be talking about? Briefly explain what responsibilities, experience, qualifications and skill is needed for that role! Again, clarity is KEY.


6) Include information about your company. You are not only trying to find a candidate for your company, you are trying to convince that candidate that your company is their obvious next step in their career. What sets your company apart? What benefits and perks can you offer?


7) The job needs to include enough information for the candidate to know whether or not they are qualified for the job. An indeed survey showed that 52% of people on the hunt for a new job said that the quality of the job description is extremely influential on whether or not they would actually apply for the role.


8) Include the salary brackets AND an exact location. Not only will it increase your search engine optimisation, but it will also increase the trust that candidates have and the likelihood of their applying for the role. in a 2019 Indeed survey, 70% of candidates said they rarely if ever saw a job ad that included the salary!


We hope that this has helped you on your journey to writing top-notch job ads.


Written by Leah Moy Heward - Marketing Manager

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