5 Breakthrough Technologies - According to the MIT Tech Review

5 Breakthrough Technologies - According to the MIT Tech Review

This is based on an MIT Tech Review. Go here to read the full report:

MIT Review

2021 saw development in several different areas, namely:

  1. Messenger RNA Vaccines (mixed opinions here...)
  2. GPT-3 - these are natural-language computer models that are able to write and speak, aka LaMDA. This is a GIANT step towards AI gaining a better understanding of how to interact with the human world. Some argue a step toward consciousness. Which according to some may have already been achieved.
  3. Data Trusts - it is no secret that there have been massive data breaches over the course of the last few years. There are a LOT of cyber attacks, and data protection models don't quite seem to be cutting it. It has been suggested that the problem isn't with us, but it may be that protection models we have been using are outdated. Data trusts are an alternative approach that are starting to be explored. It is an entity that collects and manages individuals' personal data for them. It is still being worked on, however, it is thought it could be a breakthrough in data protection!
  4. Lithium-metal batteries - Electric vehicles are an exciting technological advancement of the last few years. However, whilst they are beneficial for the environment, and you can save a lot in petrol prices (especially right now), electric vehicles still have drawbacks that are turning a lot of people off:
  • They are expensive, not only the vehicle, but you need to install an electric charging point in your home which is also very expensive!
  • They take FOREVER to charge...
  • The charge really doesn't last very long, my brother-in-law has a Tesla and a 3-hour drive has often taken him 7+ hours because he has to stop and charge the car, and has broken down several times before finding a charging point. Not only that, but when it's cold the car has less miles in each charge, the heating eats the charge, as does the radio! Not an effective means of travel in my opinion.

5. TikTok recommendation algorithms - in my opinion, the TikTok algorithm s actually phenomenal. Yet another example of the incredible advancement AI has had over the past few years. The 'For you' algorithm TikTok has, makes it a hyper-personal platform, delivering content that is compatible with your likes. TikTok algorithm arguably knows you better than your closest friends, better even than you know yourself. Kind of cool, kind of spooky. But a fantastic tool for anyone wanting to utilise free traffic to get in front of their target audience.

There are 5 more breakthrough technologies 2021 saw that the report explains in further depth, but my brain is blown by just those 5! Technology is continuously moving forwards at a rapid rate. Are you tentatively embracive, or abrasive? Are you full speed ahead or slam the breaks on? Either with or without us technology seems to be moving forward, what will they come up with next, any predictions?

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