What impact will Brexit have on the recruitment process?

October 31st.

Scarier than normal?

Deal or no deal? Hard Brexit? No Brexit?

The future of our country has been unsure for the last 3 years. As a result, there have been challenges for us, as businesses to know how to plan ahead. To better help other recruiters out there, we wanted to provide a list of potential changes in recruitment that may occur as a result of Brexit, along with a checklist that you can use to better prepare your business for any outcome. 

Due to Brexit, change to the recruitment world is inevitable. Some of the changes we can expect to see are as follows:

  • A decrease in candidates coming to the UK from overseas. Polls have shown that we can expect a 37% decrease in workers from Italy; 35% from France; 32% from Germany; 29% from Spain and a further 33% from other EU countries. 
  • However almost half of British companies have said that they will train and up-skill employees to fill the gaps in the workforce
  • Workers' rights - Current EU legislation on workers' rights will be rewritten into British law, however, this is likely to change over time. It is too early to predict how Brexit may impact Maternity leave / sick leave / average hour working week and so on.



Below is a checklist of different aspects you may wish to consider to prepare your company for the 31st of October. Click on the links below to go to the REC site for further information.



Tomorrow (Saturday 19th October), the latest deal will be proposed in the House of Commons giving MP's the opportunity to either accept or reject it. Come Monday we may have a better idea of what to expect. 

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