Twas the Night before Christmas (A CPI version)

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Not even a mouse.


CPI Selection have gone home for a week,

Not even checking emails!


Maybe a peek.


A weeks break for Christmas,

That sure does sound nice!

Feeling festive and happy,

As happy as mice.


Throughout this whole year,

We have given our all,

Our blood, sweat and tears…

(Especially in Pool.)


All jokes aside,

The work has been great!

We’ve placed some real gems,

But we sure need this break.


Before dreaming of Turkey,

And all sorts of food,

Let’s look back on the year,

And ask ‘what did we do?’


Targets have been smashed,

Consultants are keen -

And in the name of progression,

Four more joined our team!


We went to Thorpe Park,

and to London for a day.

We’ve eaten lots of great food,

for which our waistline will pay!


So after such a fab year,

We gleefully await,

The promise of magic,

And remarkably full plates.


So on the night before Christmas,

Lying snug in our beds,

Whilst all of these thoughts,

Are running through our heads.


Another year over,

Another about to begin.

What will occur?

What will 2018 bring?


So from us, to you,

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Enjoy the festivities,

And stay out of mischief.

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